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Fine Ink Art

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Class Begins AnewTai Chi
October 19, 2014
It could be a disaster -- free classes! Experience has shown that students take classes less seriously when they don't have to pay. But the truth is Tai Chi classes almost never break even. By making them free to the community of Boulder City we hope to avoid bureaucratic and commercial snafus, and just practice Tai Chi Chuan.

Saturdays, 9 am - 10:30 am, starting Oct. 25
Wednesday, 4 pm - 5:30 pm, starting Oct. 29
Where: South side of Broadbent Park

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A Full Life
April 17, 2014
By Chinese standards, I have lived a full life: Today I am 60 years old. I was born in a Year of the Wooden Horse, which comes around once every 60 years – and here we are again, Year of the Wooden Horse. I am a true Trojan. For you Westerners, my birthstone is diamond, so the perfect gift would be a wooden horse stuffed with diamonds instead of soldiers. But “Full life”? What the heck is that all about?
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Tai Chi News
Meditation and the Brain 2013 (24 Jun 2013) M.D. Jon Lieff describes physiological brain changes occurring from meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, and related pursuits.
Tai Chi and Related News
Beyond Balance: T'ai Chi Dramatically Improve Seniors' Overall Health (Holistic Primary Care Network, 13 Sep 2013)
Tai Chi Reported to Ease Fibromyalgia (Tufts Medical Center/New York Times,18 Aug 2010)
Author and teacher Arthur Rosenfeld demonstrates Tai Chi on Fox News
Tai Chi: Discover the many possible health benefits (Mayo Clinic, 25 Mar 2010)
Tai Chi Reduces Arthritis Pain (Click2Houston, 29 Oct 2009)
NBC video on Tai Chi as Exercise (Brian Williams, NBC, May 2009)
Overload: The physiological toll of multitasking and why we may not be making rational decisions even when we think we are. (Herbert Wray, Newsweek, 8 Apr 2008)
Tai chi may prevent excruciating skin disease (Associated Press, 9 Apr 2007)
Obese can get healthier without dieting (Reuters, 4 Dec 2006)

Sifu Napier's articles
Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2009 Nov/Dec Yang Style Symposium Grandmasters Chen Zhenglei Wu Wenhan Sun Yongtian Ma Hailong
"Conversations with the Grandmasters" (Dec 2009)

Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2009 Sep/Oct Yang Style Symposium
"Yang Family Comes Out In Style"
"Symposium Makes U.S. Tai Chi History" (Oct 2009)

Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2009 Sept/Oct "Standing Exercises for Taiji Qi Cultivation" (Aug 2009)

"Yang Taiji for Combat" (Apr 2007)
Houston Tai Chi Kung Fu Magazine 2007 Mar/Apr
Photos Available from Demonstration
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Pull Down Crossing Arms for Bafa
Students from Elemental Tai Chi demonstrated their skills at the Grand Opening of the Baker-Ripley Community Center, which featured demonstrations from cultures of six continents.
With students hailing from five continents:



South Africa
United States
Tai Chi
The Houston Chronicle covered our session of Six Healing Sounds qigong on Tuesday, Sep. 6. Click here for the full story.

Tai Chi In Your Life is lauded in new book review.
(June, 2012) Michael DeMarco, Editor and Publisher of Journal of Asian Martial Arts, has nothing but compliments for Tai Chi In Your Life:
  • "Napier's work provides very practical information for both taiji practice and everyday life. He does so in a way that is easy reading and inspiring."
  • "Napier expects us to not only read, but to think deeply about the principles and creatively utilize them inside and outside of our taiji practice."
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tai chi meditations
Sifu Napier's Tai Chi Meditations CD now available.
(July, 2011) Sifu Dale Napier released his new meditation CD, Tai Chi Meditations, recorded specially for the Soul Explosion & Green Living Expo on July 30-31 in Houston.

The CD, backed by pianist-composer Marta Keen, features a standing meditation, Zhan Zhuang, and a sitting meditation, Six Healing Sounds.

Zhan Zhuang, or standing post meditation, is taught here for breath, balance, and relaxation. Balance is required for deep relaxation. To deepen the relaxation further we learn to use deep breathing, giving us lung improvement as well. Standing post is important for building Tai Chi Chuan rooting ability.

Six Healing Sounds is a popular chi kung (qigong) exercise that uses movements, sounds, and visualizations based on Five Element Theory. The general idea is to purge ourselves of negative emotions, which removes damaging energy from our internal bodies - helping keep us youthful, vital, and energetic.

Both meditations are regular features of Sifu Napier's current and upcoming classes.

Tai Chi Meditations is available as a physical CD or for download. For download, go to

CD Baby

For the physical CD, Click here.

Listen to Sifu Napier's radio interview on Secrets of the Qigong Masters
Why Tai Chi is the Perfect Exercise (Time, 31 Jul 2002)

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World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2010

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